Commit your most important information to video, because viewers retain 95% of the messages they watch
(Source: Wirebuzz)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million. More and more people don’t just want what you offer, they want the how and why you offer it too. Video is great for this because you can show your audience details you couldn’t otherwise. Video enables you to inform your audience quicker, in an authentic and interesting way, whilst tapping into their emotions, peaking their interests or both.

We have our own in-house video production equipment and our kit has been selected to enable us to shoot anything from a product promotion, an interview or a safety announcement with as little as one operator, minimising production costs but still achieving great results.

Video is an important tool in your marketing plan to promote your business and services. There is no faster way to deliver your message and engage viewers, promote trust and ignite emotions at the same time.

Video is the most viewed, most shared medium on social platforms and a well executed, well planned video is the perfect way to promote yourself on them.


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