BodyLab, Kent

Requirement: Corporate logo design

We were recommended to The BodyLab Health & Wellness Centre in Blackheath for a new logo identity they required. They came to us with some strong ideas based around an illustrated mascot and reference to science, from which their name drew inspiration. However when our initial sketch concepts were presented with a rationale they realised that this approach didn’t quite represent the target audience they hoped to attract.

As a result, we had a second consultation with BodyLab to discuss their target market and establish a look and feel that would be better aligned to their core values

2nd phase concepts

BodyLab Sketches

We went on to create four design concepts which were passed by their top clients for feedback and a final logo was developed from the chosen direction.

A series visuals was created to show how the logos might look on clothing and drinks bottles, to give an idea of how the brand mark would look on merchandise items before it was ordered.

The final logo