Logos and Branding

Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the persona of your company. It focusses on your expertise and conveys them in visually exciting ways. Consistency in your branding is essential and whether you’re a new business or firmly established one, Mivvy can help you achieve this. We’re well versed in developing logos and brand guides and putting them into action, be it on product packaging, a brochure or a billboard.

“The Amiga brandmark is the first one I ever created, way back in 1999”
– Paul Woodger.

To develop your corporate identity we start by meeting you to get an overview of your brand.

We’ll want to know things such as:

  • When the company was formed,
  • Who your key audience is, 
  • What marketing materials you currently have and how they’re performing for you,
  • What it is you think makes your business stand out against your competitors,
  • What your company marketing message is.

Our marketing message for example, is

Mivvy Creative is a small, friendly design agency based in Maidstone. We create sweet and lovely designs for print and web to help your company stand out.

We want to get an idea of your businesses’ personality so we can develop a look and feel that represents who you are. If you are on the cutting edge of technology and customer service orientated you might describe yourself as being ‘proactive, flexible and dynamic’, whereas if your business is healthcare related you might say you are ‘reassuring, effective and trustworthy’. The look we develop will be reflective of your company tone of voice. 

Along with your tone of voice and personality we also consider your customer value proposition when building your identity.

Your customer value proposition is the business or marketing statement that describes why a customer should buy your product or use your service.

Our core values are:

We’re fast, dependable, reliable, accurate and creative.

Our Value Proposition is

To work with you to help showcase your company and your brand in the best possible way, We do this by delivering great looking, accurate, creative design and artwork in a timely manner. 

Our philosophy is simple; We utilise your knowledge and experience in your field of business and use ours to show off what you do in the best possible light. We act as an extension to your business, harmonising with you to create marketing materials you will be proud to have your name on.

Mivvy are happy to assist in further developing your existing branding and materials or by leading the way with creative, out of the box ideas that will help your company stand out against the competition. 

The corporate identity guidelines will then build upon the visual identity of your company, starting with your logo, rules for its use such as minimum size, correct colours, variations and minimum tolerance areas.

We will set rules for the colour palette for your company, as well as typefaces to use, the type of photography to incorporate and icon styles, graphs and charts and a plethora of other intricate details that when combined, creates an overall look and feel unique to your business. 

And it doesn’t stop there. With over 19 years experience in the printing industry, we’re well accustomed to working with suppliers in the print trade. With carefully chosen partners to produce your materials you can rest assured of a high level, stress free service from concept through to completion.