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Branding is more than just a logo, it’s the persona of your company. Part of your branding is its visual identity which focusses on conveying your expertise in interesting ways. Consistency in your branding is essential and whether you’re a new business or firmly established one, we can help you achieve this. We’re well versed in developing logos and brand guides and putting them into action, be it on product packaging, email campaigns, brochures or billboards.

After deciding a company name, designing the logo is often a first step in the process of developing the visual identity for your business. We have helped businesses find the right name and then created the logo and associated materials to fit.


Logo design is the creation of a symbol, wordmark or combination of both, that captures the essence of your company or the products and services you offer. Designing logos is something that we are incredibly passionate about. It is a process we take immense satisfaction from because it affords us the ability to work closely with our clients, really getting to understand their businesses to come up with a creatively designed logo solution to show what they’re all about.

The logo design and style often sets the tone to understanding your brand. When combined with other predetermined ingredients such as typefaces, graphics, imagery and a specific colour palette, begins to build a foundation to your visual brand identity.
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There is a saying that logos are designed and brands are built. Branding is so important because it harmonises the way your business is presented (design), the words you use to service, inform and sell to your clients (language), and the feeling client gets when they engage with you (experience). Your branding effects the perceptions people have about your company.

In todays world with too much choice and your competition all vying for the same customer’s attention, you need to be doing all you can to ensure they choose you. In short, alongside your great products and services, your branding is what helps create and maintain client loyalty.

To ensure a fluid experience, you have to be consistent. How you deliver your service and product, through all the touch points a client experiences, including how you respond to emails and phone calls, to the packaging you send your products in, consistency is essential.

The part where our expertise lie and where we can assist is in the consistent, impactful execution of your visual brand style. Whether you’re a new business or firmly established one, we’re well versed in developing logos and branding and putting them into action, be it on product packaging, email marketing, brochures or billboards.

Branding is a continual process of nurturing how your business is perceived. When executed well, it creates a specific feeling about your company where logic and reason fall in behind emotional connection. Your product or service might be the same or very similar to your competitors, but attention to all the other little details, when received collectively ultimately make the difference.

Silverwood Brand Guidelines

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