We are a creative agency based in Maidstone with 19 years experience making fresh and exciting designs for print and digital media. It gives us great satisfaction to help our clients invent and reinvent themselves, to help tell their stories, share their expertise and to breathe life into their messages.

What we do

We help our clients take the seed of an idea and nurture it right through to the final, glorious product. 

Whether you’re a new business start up in need of an identity, an existing brand looking to reinvent yourself, or if you’d just like someone to gently hone and build upon what already exists, Mivvy can help. Whatever your starting point, refining ideas and polishing out rough edges to make a finely tuned end product is what we love to do.

We’ve helped develop brands and add personality to the otherwise impersonal by creating websites, print materials and video too. We are a small agency with big visions, why don’t you see what we can do for you?